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Ad88% Of Our Users Are Ukraine Ladies Looking For Love. Voted #1 Niche Dating Site. Finding Love, Made Simple. Results Focused Dating - Trusted Since Click To Join Free about 30% of online dating sites users are not serious about their relationships. It is due to a lack of passion and trust in the information given in the profile. Tendency of telling lies. About 21% Online dating is a minefield—it’s so easy to say the wrong thing. Don’t worry, because the effort may not be worth it anyway. Although eHarmony claims that 20 percent of current, committed Are online dating sites a waste of time for men if you're physically average or ugly looking? Yes. but.. Trying to date women you meet outside of the internet will also be a waste of time if ... read more

If people are running away from you after just three weeks of knowing you after the facade falls away , then its your inner game that needs work. I know from a lifetime of experience and observation often learning the hard way, by errors that he is correct. Five or six pics maximum. I hope you give me a chance! Never be desperate for women nor sex. Thank you for the advice. But I no longer use that app or any other app for that matter. thanks brett for the long post and it made a lot of sense to me..

the moment i sing a song that becomes famous, the opposite sex just comes forth… its like picking up low hanging ripe fruits from a tree….. I think we guys need to stop fawning over girls and let our status, our looks making the best of what we have , our talents and careers do the talking…. While I always felt the PUA community is mostly a bunch of bullocks, years ago I so much as confirmed the same from one credible source via David DeAngelo and his sexual communication series.

Much of what I read was already something I did instinctively, but he did a rather fine job of explaining it well. One last important motif in this discussion, that needs repeating, is the importance of body language — aka biological signaling.

Namely, if you are confident, secure and strong it shows through your body language, not your words, and that very important to women. If any unnecessary motion is exhibited, or you tap your fingers or feet anxiously, you send off a negative vibe that women pick up instantly. Once you spook them you can never earn their trust.

It shows assertiveness and character, and prevents you from putting yourself in a position where you are validating yourself to her. Yea, I met my wife during the time after 3years immersed in a social environments such as College, Work full time, going to Bars 4 times a week and going to a Church that had house meetings once a week.

Before all that I was on a huge learning curve of self confidence and realizing talking to women was not a difficult as a made it out to be. Believe me it took some time and pushing myself out of my comfort zone consistently.

After getting married, well that is a different story as you have to bring it up to a different level of emotional intelligence and Relational navigation. You may be right. And quite science based. It was interviews with sex therapists, psychologists, and various other walks of life folks that was both interesting, educational and fun to listen to admittedly I did download the series for free so it never cost me anything. But I digress.

This is pure certified organic horseshit. Looking back some were even outright douche bags. How might I ask did they do it? Once you are around such guys, you clearly realize from their success that much of what is considered gospel by the doubting crowd in this comments section is nothing more than erroneous sour grapes. RedPill online community.

But there is room for everyone in cyberspace, so live and let live, I guess. Another great read. Any thoughts on writing a book focused on life philosophy? It could be similar to articles you have been posting recently. It would be nice to see your thoughts on various topics as people like you are very hard to come by. What phone would you advise for someone who doesnt want a smartphone?

I want to buy, but in the process of looking for one. Take fucking care of yourself. Talk to women. Most men are afraid of feel insecure talking to women. Those men are the ones who watch me while I talk to women at night, wishing they would have the balls to do that. I get rejected a fair ammount, but I get too a fair ammount of women who are ready to get fucked that night.

Getting pussy is not hard, you just need 2 main things: look good and talk to women. So when you talk to them stop thinking in PUA mode believing you need to win them over or to make weird routines to appear cool or alpha. This is my experience at bars and clubs. In any given night I know there are some women who go out to just have a good time with their friends those will reject me , while others go out expecting maybe in top of that to get fucked by a goodlooking and cool guy those will let me take the lead to my bedroom or theirs.

The latter are the girls you need to find and talk to. And while you talk to women stop fucking around trying to make them laugh or trying to appear alpha all the night, you need to discover if they are the ones who want action that night. Start by some chit chat and try to make a physical move try to kiss her or grab her hands , making sure she knows your intentions.

This is the MOST genuine advice I would give any man who tells me how I do it. So yeah, to get muscles, just have really great genetics and make sure you get to the gym 3x a week. They still get sore, tired, injured but nobody knows they lift. Oh the futility of it all. Basic math confounds all of this negative thinking and self-hatred. There are over 7 billion people on earth now…if just. I find it almost unfathomable that there are that many frustrated men out there who are single and not getting any; am I to believe that several hundred roid monkeys and rich glamour boys with cash have utterly cornered the vaginal market, resigning And seriously Peter, who trains seriously for 5 years and has nothing to show for it?

In 5 years I went from a chub master to a chiseled Adonis with — dare I say — a great body that received many compliments. Anyone can built at least a decent physique with enough dedication and effort, and I did everything wrong training wise anyway in my first 5 years.

Work on your looks. Take care of your looks, you will gains TONS of points. Your body, your grooming, your clothing style, when you start taking caring of yourself you will start to get comments, then your confidence will skyrocket. That pessimistic attitude is fucking killing your chances. I have just got my heart broken a couplw of hours back despite following so suave secrets to attracting women I read ton of their stuff for years did everything by the book and guess what the last 6 women I met lied to me,dumped me which tore me apart.

as much as people hate this guy the Truth Seeker, everything he post is on point, money matters,looks matters, social status matters it sad to admit this but if you did everything by the book and still fail then you bound to ask if the world is safe place to live in.

Your advice means nothing to average and below men. Most average guys who change that will be above average. First of all, most females in the US are fat. Supply and demand. That means that there is massive competition for the few young, attractive ones. Most men have already thought about working out or trying to look better. Any substantial muscle gain will take years and probably not be too impressive. Read the site or try to troll some other people.

Third Another percentage of these women are black and very few men of any race find black women attractive citing dating site surveys and FBI crime stats on rape.

The black men are going after the white women and so is everyone else. So if you are a white man…tough luck.

You make valid points. However I will say this. I am a white male turning Believe me the white girls here know it. The game here is tight. My friends and I always look out for foreigners because we know how easy they are compared to local girls. Its not uncommon for there to be more guys to girls ratio in some of the local bars where my friends and I go. However I have still gotten some action and a few numbers even while competing for one of the only few hot white girls in the bar at times.

Because I just kept trying and approaching. Persistence and perseverance. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. No matter the odds. I am trying to illustrate that even against all odds you can still succeed. The right mindset is key however. Your experience alone in SA has proven and exposed that much of the BS on this site, spewed by the naysayers, is pure sour grapes.

You know what separates them from you? You tried because you believe in yourself, and you had success. And I get so pissed off whenever someone brings the race card into the game, as if being white now is some sort of inherent disadvantage.

He came to the US with nothing and barely spoke English, now he has a family in an upscale neighborhood, and owns a marvelous 4, sq foot home, along with a successful mini-mart business with numerous stores. What next, do we drop our drawers and compare wankers? And despite your deep forensic examination and analysis of the mating game, I noticed you still evaded my simple question: How did I pull it off and hit the jackpot?

How did so many guys I know — most of whom were white, not so great looking and had hardly any serious money to their name — able to pull to pull it off? Were they all the statistical 85 year old smoker and still alive anomaly? The funny thing is one of them was actually an ASIAN guy I went to college with, who literally had a harem of beautiful young women of every race and background. Yet here I set at the opposite end of the bar in great shape, very financially successful, and married to the perfect for me anyway woman.

Funny how that works. Attitude is everything my friend. Coupled with the a clean cut image and the right attitude and he will go far if he wants it bad enough. Message being that I came from nothing, was even fat as a young man, and needed to work on my presentation growing up into adulthood. I did, and succeeded on all venues. And if I can do it, so can just about everyone. Average dudes are unattractive to average females. And who would be attracted to anyone out of shape with no aspirations, personally and professionally?

I though we were talking about men who have their act together. Most young year old fertile women are not fat. In fact, by comparison with males in a similar age group, they are usually in much better shape here in the US.

I think your figures are skewed based on older single and married women. As for Asian women, you have a partial point. Some are just attracted to that particular race, simple as that. And Asian girls view a white man as social stature catch; they see them as ideal for mates because they consider them at the top of the social food chain of success.

What race are most white women married to? As a man your desirability goes way past the age of 20, in fact in only goes higher the longer you take care of yourself. The cougar club is largely irrelevant in scale by comparison. And everyday a new crop of girls hits 18, 21, 25…your supply only goes up. I am in very good shape compared to the average guy. This is the truth, anything else is silly games. Every average guy has tried dressing nice, working out and talking to girls.

Hey truth seeker!! Since i know the truth about life i cant sleep, i have insomnio. Any advice for better sleep?

sory for my bad english, its not my native language, like you. How can i improve my english? Distract yourself. Stop reading online. Do something physical — like extra working out, manual labor, ride a bicycle, run — just fatigue your system. For example I needed 10 days of swiping and there were no more girls around girls using tinder in million city.

And I had like matches which is very good for a man. Now tinder is super popular, a lot of guys are paying for it. I think this is a bit of the mark but i am from the UK, most women have on there profile not message them if ou have a picture where your body is on the, as you know steroids are legal in the UK and they have an association that men what use them are posers or love them self too much.

they are so used to being fawned over that when they meet someone who gives them a take it or leave it attitude you will see the cogs turning round in there head if you look at there eyes. im quite aggresive with other males and will get into disputes and physical altercations often , especially when i was younger this almost certainly has helped to attract women.

I am quite quick mentally , even though my spelling may not show it and being the centre of attention in a group has helped many times , other males naturally seem to fall in line around me , now friends tell me they felt very uneasy around me for a long time, i was a professional kick boxer for a time and i think that worried other males, even though i was perfect polite and softly spoken.

start not caring , and women will want to know more about you, chase them and fill them full of compliments they will soon get sick and move on to the next mug. Just like most muscle men are fake so are the most beautiful women, they both have defective souls. These women have shallow souls which spur them to make themselves pretty, so she resorts to boob jobs, nose jobs, bum implants, hair extensions etc…the list is endless.

Plastic surgery woman is the norm these days, the number of fake boobs I have groped is a testament to that! This is a common occurrence in the west due to consumerism. The answer is because without that facade they have no confidence…they are not REAL. One more thing my natty comrades! When you see a fake natty surrounded by beautiful ladies, despair not…like I used to…in another age. Wow, this post just ended up in how to get laid and manipulating women to get to that point.

Sex is great, but having the companionship I get from my Wife beats all the days being the lone ranger trying to get some. Focus on compound movements a couple of days and do some cardio? Eat good for abs and have less calories? Push pull? Full body? How many days a week? It depends Rick. Do you just want to look like that?

Or do you want to have the strength to German suplex a resisiting 80kg male? Mon: Front squats 5×5 Skipping 15 min Power clean 3×3 Optional: Romanian Deadlift 3× Tue: Pull-ups 5x max Dumbbell row 3×8 Push-ups 3x failure Skipping 15 min.

Thurs: Trap-bar deadlift 5×8 Skipping 15 min Hang clean 3×5 Optional: Bulgarian split squats 3×8. Fri: Parallel dips 5x max Overhead press 3×8 Neutral-grip Pull-up 3x max Skipping 15 min. You want to do some cardio everyday in order to get fit like these guys and increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories.

They are extremely fit. The power and hang clean are to build and incorporate some explosive strength. While the front squat and trap deadlift will give you strong legs for lifting another man up and slamming him to the mat and build explosive strength. Putting both the power clean and the hang clean after 15 minutes of skipping will work your cardio and emulate lifting another fighter when you already tired. But most women do end up married or in long term relationships with someone around their own looks level.

Leave mystery in your photo. instead MAX out style and face, use style choices to hide your flaws the way girls do. When you match with a girl, respond right away hot girls will get s of matches and push for a meetup or date as soon as possible after a few lines are exchanged. That body is impossible for most guys even if they use steroids. I simply have to share the success story of a personal friend, as it relates to the present conversation:.

This Greek man I know, who immigrated from Crete over 30 years ago, was born into a poor family, and never had much either him or his family in the way of monetary success back home. As a young man, he immigrated to the US, where he still pursed the passion and love he had growing up as a boy back home: fishing.

Transplanted in the northeastern seaboard of the United States, he still fished recreationally every chance he got from the shore, where he made many new friends, primarily other novice as well as seasoned fishermen. Through them he got to know the best anglers in the area, and then he joined fishing clubs, he tagged along on fishing trips, until he got his very own boat. He caught many fish, and bigger fish, and even started winning tournaments. Word got out. Business became better and better, and then became great.

He made money and reinvested in his enterprise, updating gear and electronics, upgrading outboards and fishing equipment, make chartering and commercial fishing not only his passion but his one and only full-time job. His clientele rose so high that he is booked solid every season, almost every single day from May through November, year in and year out, for various fishing excursions from folks from across the country — and from across the globe.

People actually fly in, sometimes stay at his home, and fish with him for weeks on end. Many post these trips on social media, further promoting him and his business. This man does trade shows year round, is sponsored by various tackle manufacturers, and is even paid to advertise their products as decals on his vessel.

Many fish with him to test and refine new rods, reels, and terminal tackle for specific fisheries. He is now one of the best fisherman along the entire east coast, and is known by everyone in the inner circle of sport fishing on a first name basis.

OMG, truthseeker is now a guru dealing his views to resentfull younglings… we all going to do it bruh. It is naive to attach sentimental value to anything. Life is just a big race and the largest beauty contest ever. We, young men of have been born in an age where how we were brought up is vastly different to reality and that is why it is so difficult for many of us, myself included at times. Men without extreme beauty, money, or status should just give up on finding love and happiness.

There is no point in pursuing that which will never be fulfilled. In many ways I am a prisoner to myself, I was raised valuing life, love, and companionship. As I do this I understand many aspects of life on a much deeper level. I have no regrets and no hopes, I just move forward and observe. But deep within me I am starting to become power hungry and emotionless.

I asked for the truth and I got it, but I never would have thought this would be the outcome. Continue writing TruthMan. Regarding life in general we live in a day and age where height is utterly critical for males, if you are short to very short you are going to have to work 5 times harder to achieve probably half the results and you are going to be in for a long haul life with A LOT of bumps.

Derek Jeter, the NY Yankees shortstop ,or whatever position was an infamous womanizer. He banged lots of dime pieces. Yes, hos looks, money. Of course, lifting never hurt anyone either. I have never heard any girl day they prefer their boyfriend with a dad bod…. This article so litterally reeks of frustration it could have been written by an incel the emphasis on aesthetics, jaw lines, social status and how women are just greedy snakes gave you up.

Sure the app promises instant sex spoiler: nobody truly believes that and what you get is… slow paced, classical romance. I actively used the app two weeks. Sometime you just have to cut on the sanctimonious, condescending bullshit. Well maybe you can have 5 matches a week an average looking woman could have probably 30 to 50 matches. I think that this apps, are just social experiment, they have created legions of idiots. For most men. Most women that are descent looking: have become extreme narcissistic.

Just too many low life loser disgusting women everywhere nowadays with tattoos all over their bodies which makes them real total freaks to begin with. Woman here. Women are very influenced by looks. This is true. Saying they just care about money or social status is not accurate.

So when it comes to online sites, your picture is very important. Posting a bad pic or only a far-away pic will not get you noticed. So a face-pic that shows a chubby face even a little bit , will get you overlooked. Note: Being fit is good.

Big muscles are not necessary. Do write something interesting. Anything like that will just be seen as being a dick and women will avoid. Women like interesting men — they do not like jerks. On the contrary, if you write things that make you seem decent, caring, high-integrity, loyal, thoughtful, etc, it is a plus. Most of the profiles of guys that I see, it is clear that they do not understand this — their pics are low effort or unappealing. Who cares? Write something funny, witty, engaging, thoughtful, ask a question — anything other than a throwaway compliment.

Be spontaneous. Ask her out right away. Or costly at all. Just a way to chat face to face without a big investment of time, money or energy. But if you are looking for a relationship, less is better, slower is better.

And yes — what guys on this site have said is true: For many guys, real-life is a better way to meet women. Just make it a habit to chat up women and be friendly wherever and whenever you can. See where it leads, or just have a nice encounter. So, it would be helpful if you maintain a strong character and be authentic.

If you keep fine-tuning your profile and keep patient, an online dating platform can make the magic connection with your fortunate woman. There are a lot of creepy people around us. In online platforms, the number of weird people is more significant than in real life. There are a lot of scams too. Some amount of creepiness comes from the upbringing and as there is no identity verification process in dating websites.

So, anyone can make a fake profile using fake pictures and information. Answer: If they are blindly gorgeous, give you their e-mail in the first contact, barely filled up their profiles, Answer: Choose the best picture for your profile, use a headline that ultimately shows your personality, fill up the profiler, and, most importantly, never give up.

Answer: This is because you may not have made an attractive profile. Use the most fashionable photo, expand about section, brief yourself with more passion. Answer: You have a lot of options there.

You can search for a partner according to your demands and qualifications. Answer: Check the profile if it is fully completed or not. Take your time in making any decision. Most importantly, read the member reviews and ratings of the website. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jump To A Section. How Can I Find Out The Scammers?

How Can I Find A Date From Online Dating Sites? Why Should I Choose An Online Platform For Dating? How Can I Trust Someone On A Dating Website?

Related Posts. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. It is due to a lack of passion and trust in the information given in the profile. People want to be smarter than they are. They hide their age, race, and marital status to get a chance on online sites. It takes at least a month or two to convert online dates into offline. It requires a lot of effort, time, and chat before meeting a person. There is an excellent chance that the profile could be a scam.

I am a late smartphone bloomer. Bought my first one in September after an army of deep scratches captured the entire screen of my old Nokia and started digging towards its brain.

I had no option but let my electronic foreign minister retire with respect. A week after the purchase, a small box arrived. All I wanted was to feel the stock with my hands and inhale the intoxicating smell of fresh plastic. Uh… no. I have a PC for that. Who cares how I look? The readers of the site already know that I am an ectomorphic gringo.

Yeah, I need to find some cool programs. A few weeks later, I learned about Tinder — supposedly the best dating app in the universe. I liked the idea — only pictures and a few words to describe yourself.

It was on my phone within seconds. It took me a while, but eventually, I decoded the mechanism of dating apps — unless you have the body of a deity or the face of a movie star coupled with decent height, you are bound to experience the murderous slap of rejection across your face. Here are the facts. looks [height, weight, face, age, muscle,…etc. profession [money] 3. social status [do I want to be seen with this guy…? Only fake natties with highly aesthetic physiques and men with slicing jawlines and Paul Newman eyes can provide this experience.

You need to be considerably above average to make her stop swiping left. If you are a bald hobgoblin with crooked teeth and a hostage to rapidly multiplying fat cells, you can forget about matching with prime women.

You have a good heart? Tell someone who cares. Maybe the pigeons you are feeding during the lonely walks in the park. Sorry, bro, but the world has never been more focused on looks as proven by the boom of Instagram.

What is Instagram anyway? Ultimately, Tinder and Instagram are based on the same visual engine — if you do well on Instagram, you will conquer Tinder too.

Dream on, romantic soldiers. Women are just as visual if not more visual than men. One even shot me with the following inquiry:. Because I become very mean around short people! She got furious and removed me from her matches a second later. In reality, women judge you just as harshly as you judge them.

The reason why you often see ugly men with better looking women are social status and physical assets. Some females are willing to overlook appearance in exchange for goods and a position in this society. This is especially true for shrewd ladies with more stable hormones and kids to raise. Nonetheless, the belief that women have the strength to overcome their desire for prime males by buying material toys is false. The other big lie is that you have to develop an arsenal of pick-up lines to open the safe.

Your pictures do most of the talking on Tinder. The words produced by the timid keystrokes of your thumbs are almost irrelevant. As painful as it may sound to some, the more attractive you are, the more mistakes you are allowed to make. Different faces and bodies give different meanings to the same words. When a short fat boy does the same, he is a psycho, and you should probably call the police. The explanation is simple: appearance acts as a filter giving various nuances to your actions.

Your brain identifies a promising house for sale and tells you to get closer. Once you are in front, you realize that the nice sight was an optical illusion. Thick spider webs and dust are covering the entire edifice while the garden looks like the beard of a Neanderthal. You step forward just to be sure that what your are experiencing is reality.

In a millisecond, you are hit by a vitriolic smell with the properties of a bio weapon powerful enough to melt your brain and extract it drop by drop through your ears. Suddenly, you hear a weird sound and turn to the opposite side instinctively.

Your eyes barely catch the reflection of an enormous genetically modified rat in one of the broken windows. The masochist demon within pulls you even closer until you see a pile of ancient plastic bottles decaying under the orders of the Sun.

Would you care to enter and continue with your investigation? I doubt it. Most would run. It works the same way with people. The signs never lie. Your external image is a direct result of what happens inside of you. This is why humans become prettier when they are happy and turn into repulsive flesh when death starts knocking on the door.

One of my two semi-friends is a woman. I told her about my observations on Tinder, but she was reluctant to classify my words as truth. This changed in the most ironic way possible. Just recently, she got out of a long-term relationship and decided to download Tinder. In less than 10 days, my semi-friend, acquired a new boyfriend who in her opinion has the perfect body.

It means that women are pulling the strings in the online world. Men of all strata are kneeling and begging for attention. Even the inboxes of somewhat unattractive females are flooded with propositions from thirsty boys. This gives women the power of choice. They get to pick males at the top of the modern food chain, and if you are not one….

well…forget about it and install StarCraft. What would people do if they could get away with it? The right opportunity could turn even the most righteous man into a thief. Imagine that you are married. Suddenly, hot women start spamming you with superlatives and coded propositions for flesh based unions. What for?

Tinder provides this opportunity to many women. The primary reason for women to install Tinder is neither sex nor a relationship quest. Women do it to boost their levels of self-worth. A vast majority of the girls on Tinder have boyfriends and use the app to receive superlatives and feed their egos. A girl on Tinder confirmed this fact to me.

The most effective confidence boost comes from good-looking guys. Nobody wants to receive compliments and likes from scrubs. Consequently, women chat primarily with the most aesthetically pleasing specimens. Movies, commercials, magazines, street posters, reality shows and social media create the reality of the modern humanoid. The media have convinced everyone that the [steroid] look of fitness models is a direct result of training and all lifters could look like Panda or Zyzz after a summer in the gym.

Women are part of the brainwashed group too. They still think that a few curls and a set of push-ups in the morning will turn anyone into a muscle beast. They simply want to touch sexy muscle and care not about the real sacrifice behind the modern aesthetic fibers, for the fact that strong logic is often absent from the female cranium.

A wise man once told me that looks cannot keep a relationship. This is probably true, but online dating is just a beginning — the time when physical compatibility matters the most. You need fuel to keep a car going, but you also need a spark to start it. Shredded arms and a chiseled jawline provide the initial launch. The communication on Tinder and the like is extremely superficial and very few people get emotionally invested. It happened to me more than a few times.

The explanation? Those women were never into me and were simply trying to extract compliments from my thumbs. Your writing style is second to none generously laced with humor and incisiveness….

Keep it up buddy…. Based on stats..


Online dating is a minefield—it’s so easy to say the wrong thing. Don’t worry, because the effort may not be worth it anyway. Although eHarmony claims that 20 percent of current, committed Ad88% Of Our Users Are Ukraine Ladies Looking For Love. Voted #1 Niche Dating Site. Finding Love, Made Simple. Results Focused Dating - Trusted Since Click To Join Free Are online dating sites a waste of time for men if you're physically average or ugly looking? Yes. but.. Trying to date women you meet outside of the internet will also be a waste of time if about 30% of online dating sites users are not serious about their relationships. It is due to a lack of passion and trust in the information given in the profile. Tendency of telling lies. About 21% ... read more

Unless of course you look like a supermodel. Five or six pics maximum. Once you are in front, you realize that the nice sight was an optical illusion. Those men are the ones who watch me while I talk to women at night, wishing they would have the balls to do that. Tinder provides this opportunity to many women.

Yes, hos looks, money. Your brain identifies a promising house for sale and tells you to get closer. They hide their age, race, and marital status to get a chance on online sites. Word got out. In conclusion, always be real to yourself, you can pretend to be someone else, but sooner or later, the real you will come out. Answer: Choose the best picture for your profile, use a headline that ultimately shows your personality, fill up the profiler, and, most importantly, never give up. Sorry, bro, but the world has never been more focused on looks as proven by the boom of Online dating a waste of time for guys.